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Automatic device for measuring of the water capacity

  Price: ~ 300 ˆ


Different type of applicable sensors may be attach to DL; 
Enough memory space for saving measured and calculated data - 144 records per day (every 10 minute);  summary data for each day.
RTC & calendar; wake up /sleep mode; Power Down Mode. 
Full computer control (by RS232C): programming with corresponding table (H v. Q) up to 2000 points; online adjusting of connected sensors etc.; receiving daily records and monthly sum for 24 month back; adjusting current time & date; online measured water level(s); day totals water quantity: 0-24 h; 0 h till now;and so on.

Protection IP 65


Water Level Float Converter with Digital Transmitter

Price: ~ 250 ˆ

CountEx 100, with float on endless "rope" (0.5 mm thick, stainless steel) is a classic solution, that gives the user the advantages to measure the water level with a very high precision (±1mm) in a range up to 10 meter (Range cm//mm - 8200//19999). 
CountEx 100 is a ultra low power device, so a small build in battery can power the optical counter for many days without recharge. The battery can be recharged any time power is present. The microprocessor shows data on the 4-digit LCD display and send the 16 bits (in HDLC - format) outside frequency modulated.
  Price: ~ 180 ˆ
The gauge's family for little water levels   (Range in mm: from 500 to 4000) with a very high precision- 0.1% ; digital output. 
There is a possibility for the Hydra's family to take part in industrial network and to work on hard industrial conditions.
Application note:
If you fit together DLmini4 with CountEx100 or HYDRA-C than you obtain a device, known as flow current meter , but "paperless". All data from the calculations are saved in device's memory, ready for reading with PC. The communication possibility’s include far connections to other auto-control devices or industrial network.

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